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Joe Semple is an Edmonton based clarinetist/saxophonist with an impressive amount of experience in a wide variety of music genres. By day he works for the Royal Canadian Artillery Band but at night he can be found jamming out at the Yardbird Suite or running his own shows at local Edmonton venues. 


His skills as a musician also include composition and directing. These serve him well in his true passion which is writing his own jazz music. These can be heard at his lives shows, on sound cloud, or YouTube. Jazz continues to hold his attention in these areas and he is continually writing new pieces for his shows and someday his albums. This musician refuses to let anything hold him back in the pursuit of continuing the Jazz tradition locally in Edmonton and around the world. 

He also plays and arranges for the RCA (Royal Canadian Artillery) Band. His work with them has taken him across Canada and all over Europe to places such as France, England, and Belgium. It has even afforded him the opportunity and honor to play for England's Royalty as well as be part of the long held tradition of the Changing of the Guard. 

Joe Semple, in short, is a passionate musician with a flare for jazz and a desire to bring the joy of music to the world around him. 

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